Young Persons Services

Children and Young Persons Services

Preparing for a Better Life
Enhanced Care Children and Young Persons Services has one mission, which is to provide the best quality of life for our children and young people. While they are in our care then to prepare them for a better life when they leave us. We provide a safe, stabilising and nurturing environment. This is to protect our most vulnerable individuals. Especially those with autism and emotional, psychological, behavioural and social needs,learning difficulties and physical disabilities

Our homes and services are based in the North East of England, County Durham and Teeside but we happily accept referrals from all over the UK.

*We have a New Children’s Home Service Opening in Gateshead in May 2020*

The areas we specialise in are:

Emotional Behavioural Disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Learning Disabilities

Children Leaving Care

We also support individuals with Complex Health Needs, where they may suffer from more than one disability or disorder.

Our care is on a medium to long term basis to ensure a sense of stability for all our residents. We also provide the following key services in all our care homes:

Education – “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” (George Washington Carver)  Education is one of our priorities. We work in partnership with the local authorities. We create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that is unique to the needs and abilities of the child or young person.

Specialist EBD Placements – Enhanced Care provides care to Crisis Placements and Solo Placements which often go hand in hand. These are children and young persons who may have been sexually or physcially abused. They may be self-harming or on suicide watch, or they may simply have great difficulty in integrating with other children and young people. We therefore provide them with an exclusive, private space and 24 hour care. Their care will include a recovery plan, psychological and educational therapies, and behaviour management.

Therapeutic Support – Enhanced Care has a round-the-clock team of highly trained consultants, specialists and therapists.  They provide critical support to our children and young residents. We carefully select these professionals to ensure that they treat every individual gently and with understanding. Allowing them to heal, build in confidence, learn and develop for the future. All of our carers and health professionals receive continual training. They are assessed regularly. Ensuring that they continue the highest level of skills, care and compassion.

Outcome Assessments – This is a crucial part of our Enhanced Care service, where we assess the progress of every individual. The outcome results are based on the individual’s reaction and feedback in the following areas:

  • Management of Mental Health
  • Physical Health and Self Care
  • Living Skills
  • Social Networks
  • Education
  • Relationships
  • Addictive Behaviour or Substance Misuse
  • Responsibilities
  • Identity and Self-Esteem
  • Trust and Hope