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Enhanced Care’s care home for children and young people with Emotional Behavioural Disorder is in Teesside, North East England – Holme Farm.

We are also about to open Hillside Grange & Nordene – a new Children’s Home Service in Gateshead scheduled to open in May 2020*.  This 7-bedded therapeutic children’s home will be for children and young people of mixed gender aged between 8 – 18 years with Complex Needs and Challenging Behaviour.

In these homes we provide residential and therapeutic support to those suffering from EBD as well as other mental health, emotional, psychological, behavioural and social problems.

Also known as Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD), Emotional Behavioural Disorder (EBD) is in fact a learning difficulty that goes hand in hand with emotional and behavioural problems suffered by children and young people.

These can also include those who self-harm, have been sexually exploited, or those who display destructive and aggressive behaviours.


Our focus is to provide a safe residential care home and a stabilising and nurturing environment for our young people. At Holme Farm in Teesside our children and young people have their own spacious comfortable bedrooms with en suite which they are encouraged to personalise. We also provide solo-placement rooms with their own 24 hour care when necessary. Holme Farm is staffed by highly qualified children’s mental health care professionals who, in conjunction with the local authorities, formulate a comprehensive personalised plan for each individual’s needs covering everything including emotional, psychological, behavioural and social needs.

Whenever possible, the children or young people will be educated in a local authority educational placement, which is in line with their age and educational needs.

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Our Therapeutic interventions are based on cognitive behavioural therapy approaches.

We use a skills-learning model and approach, whereby the children or young people are helped to learn new skills and abilities to help them cope with and manage their intense and distressing emotions. They learn to better control their impulsive behaviours and improve their daily functioning.

If you would like to see the latest Ofsted report for Holme Farm please email us: info@enhancedcare.co.uk


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Location: Teesside
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