Leaving Care

Children and Young Persons – Leaving Care

Children Leaving Care Teen with BookEnhanced Care provides homes for children and young people leaving care in Middlesborough, Teesside.  We aim to fill the gap between social care and the real adult world. We provide continued support and mental health services.  This is so our young residents hopefully have a better transition into independence and adulthood.

There have been many studies that unfortunately prove that children and young people leaving residential care homes have a much higher risk of developing depression, abusing drugs or becoming homeless. Fortunately, it is an issue that is high on the governments agenda (see their cross-departmental Care Leaver Strategy Report part of the Children Leaving Care Act 2000).

Young people and children in care often appear to grow up fast, especially when forced to due to their circumstances. However, these young people are not necessarily ready to be an adult and are often the most vulnerable when it is time to leave.

Our purpose-built modern homes have a private bedroom and bathroom space. There are also shared, fully equipped kitchens and utility, educational and leisure areas. We provide a self contained flat with private access supported by staff when necessary.

Education & Therapeutic Support
Every person has their own unique needs. Consequently, after a detailed assessment carried out in partnership with the local authority, we put together a “pathway plan”. This can include a number of avenues of support, such as:

      • Further education
      • Employment and interview assistance
      • Psychological / mental health counseling
      • Independent living skills eg. cooking, washing clothes, cleaning etc.
      • Advice on Lifestyle and Living in a Community
      • Financial advice and assistance
      • Ongoing support and visits for those who have already left

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Location: Sunningdale – Middlesborough, Teesside

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