Jim S (Brother of Resident)

The relationship between my sister and any of the carers is wonderful to see.

My sister became a resident of Byker Hall Care Home in August 2021. She had been in hospital and was not very well, but within the first month, she had regained some of her weight loss and her health improved.

Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic restricted family visits to non-contact, but we could meet her by the use of the pod, having a clear screen between us. This has now changed, and we meet regularly in her room or outside if the weather is good.

From day one of her stay she has been treated by the carers, as a friend, and the relationship between her and any of the carers is wonderful to see.

She is very content, being in a setting where she can see and chat to many people and enjoys the food, which she always remarks on, as being lovely.

Speaking for the other members of my family who visit my sister, I can say that the management and staff have always been great and the carers are brilliant, as it\’s very refreshing when they can say that they love the job, they do.


24th June 2022

Jim S (Brother of Resident)