Older Persons Services

Older Persons Services

At Enhanced Care older persons services, we understand that making the decision to become a resident of a care home is a difficult one for older people and their families, and choosing the right residential care home is of utmost importance. So, just like our residents, Enhanced Care, care homes have their own character and individuality. However throughout all of them we ensure there is a consistency of quality and service. Our friendly and professional teams will always be on hand to deliver support at any time of day or night. We give people access to a fun and thriving community – a place where they can form new friendships and have a safe, comfortable place to live.

Our Homes

Wardley Gate – Residential and Dementia Care Home in Gateshead
Fellingate – Residential, Nursing and Dementia Care in Gateshead
Byker Hall – Residential, Nursing and Dementia Care in Newcastle

Luxury Accommodation

All Enhanced Care homes are purpose-built. They give our older residents the highest possible quality of life in terms of both luxurious accommodation and support. Care home residents can choose from a variety of well-equipped and spacious bedrooms, all with modern en-suite bathrooms. There are friendly and warm, living and dining areas.  Spacious and well fitted out activity areas and beautiful and relaxing landscaped gardens. There are areas that are equipped with television and games while other areas are quiet and peaceful. At Enhanced Care our aim is to provide a space where older people still have a choice.

Enhanced Care never charges a top up fee in any of its homes

A top-up or third party payment is charged by some residential care homes. Here the cost is more than the local authority’s usual cost. This extra fee is normally between £2500 and £5000 per year. If an older person prefers to live in one of these care homes the local authority can arrange it, provided that they, or with the help of their family can meet the extra cost. However, Enhanced Care does not charge any additional top up fees in any of its elderly residential care homes.

Private income

If a resident has a private income or capital, perhaps from a pension or a property then they will need to pay something towards the costs of their care.

The local authority will carry out a means test based on income and assets, to see whether a care home resident needs to pay any fees. If a person has assets of more than £23,250, they will need to pay the full cost of their care. If they have less than this but more than £10,000 they will pay a proportion of the cost.

From April 2016, the upper capital limit will rise from £23,250 to £118,000 with a new care cost cap of £72,000. Above which the Government will meet eligible care needs.

If an older person has a property it will be valued as part of the capital element of the means test. however the local authority should take into consideration things such as a partner or dependent relative remaining at home or having to move to a smaller property.